Year-End Giving

Year-End Giving
真多人做人爱视频高清免费,日本特黄特色大片免费视频,美女自慰视频福利wwwThis page was established to support you while our offices are closed for the winter break from December 24 until January 1.

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真多人做人爱视频高清免费,日本特黄特色大片免费视频,美女自慰视频福利wwwIf you have an existing scholarship or endowment, you can make a gift to that .

If you have urgent business related to making a calendar year-end gift, please dial (209) 664-6864 and your call will be forwarded to our on-call staff person.

Credit Card

Year-end gifts by credit card can be made in person or via phone with the office of University Advancement or online using the link below.


真多人做人爱视频高清免费,日本特黄特色大片免费视频,美女自慰视频福利wwwChecks should be made payable to the CSU Stanislaus Foundation and can be submitted to the office of University Advancement in person or sent via mail to:

Stanislaus State
ATTN:  Gifts and Records
One University Circle, MSR 300
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Please be certain to note the specific purpose of your gift in the memo line of your check. If you wish to claim your gift for the 2017 tax year, please mail your gift so it is postmarked by December 31.

Electronic Funds Transfer

If you would like to make either a one time or recurring gift via an electronic funds transfer, please contact the University Advancement office for bank account and routing instructions.


Please contact the University Advancement office prior to making a gift of securities so we can ensure proper crediting of your contribution. Your gift of securities for the University can be made to the Stanislaus State Foundation brokerage account via DTC by contacting our Wells Fargo account representative:

Wells Fargo
1549 McHenry Avenue
Modesto, CA 95350
真多人做人爱视频高清免费,日本特黄特色大片免费视频,美女自慰视频福利wwwAccount Representative: Tim Bloemhof

真多人做人爱视频高清免费,日本特黄特色大片免费视频,美女自慰视频福利wwwShould you prefer to gift securities in certificate form, these can be directed by mail or courier to the University Advancement office; it is critical that the stock power form be sent under separate cover from the certificate(s).

In Kind

Contact the Development Office for guidance on contributing gifts of personal property or services.