University Leadership

The President

California State University, Stanislaus is led by its President Ellen Junn.

The Provost

Leading the academic units at Stanislaus State is Provost Kimberly Greer.

University Governance & Organization

In addition to the president and provost, university governance at Stanislaus State includes several bodies: the Foundation Board of Trustees, the Academic Senate, a cabinet of deans and other academic officers, and senior administrators.

The University is organized into a number of academic and administrative units which report to the president and provost.

Academic Units

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A complete list of academic departments is available on the website. In addition, a number of interdisciplinary programs cross the boundaries between departments and disciplines.

Administrative Units

Stanislaus State provides support to the academic units through its administrative divisions: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business & Finance, Faculty Affairs & Human Resources, Equal Opportunity, and Compliance, Strategic Planning, Enrollment Management & Innovation, and University Advancement.